Liaison QuantiFeron-TB Plus

Medica Dusseldorf 2019

Qiagen and DiaSorin will release on Liaison the latent tuberculosis testing.

Also Snibe developped for the Maglumi 800 a similar test to the Liaison QuantiFeron-TB Plus workflow, which involves processing Qiagen’s QuantiFeron-TB Gold Plus Blood Collection Tubes (QFT-Plus BCT) on DiaSorin’s Liaison Clia analyser.

Qiagens QFT-Plus BCTs contain is performed in-tube after blood collection, while the QuantiFeron test measures the release of interferon gamma after in-tube incubation.

Liaison users will purchase the detection components from DiaSorin and blood collection tube kits from Qiagen.

QFT-Plus customers in Europe will have now 2 TB solution because Capilia is also launching its fully automated TB detection system on sputum.

TB testing will be available to theĀ  9,000 Liaison Clia analyzers as an additional parameter.


TB test on the CLIA platform, Liaison XS is the best available solution after Tauns Capilia.

Maglumi hase still to obtain CE mark for Europe and to be FDA approved. The marked share in China however grows for Capilia NEO TB testing.

Maglumi and Hamilton Robotics are working on the automation of Biolumi through the Hamilton’s Microlab Star automated liquid handling workstation and Inpeco.

blood analysis automation

The Inpeco preanalytical modules automation solution can be combined with Liaison, Abott Architecht and Roches Cobas Clia analyzers.